Exquisite elegance Of the herringbone parquet

паркет тандем
Exquisite elegance Of the herringbone parquet
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Tandem company forges ahead and expands the range of products.

One of our machines from the world-famous Italian manufacturer of woodworking equipment Marinus, was supplemented with diamond mills, made in Germany at our individual request.
Because of this, we were able to achieve the perfect geometry of parquet boards, which is absolutely necessary to create a herringbone pattern. Also, this modernized machine allows producing this type of product with any angle of faces and in a wide range of sizes.
Parquet, lined pattern “herringbone” does not lose its relevance for many decades, emphasizing the impeccable taste and elegance of the interiors.

A variety of finishes of floorboards “Tandem” will allow you to choose the perfect color and stylistic combination, from classic to ultramodern!